Welcome to Poorna Natural Farm

 no pesticides, no fertilizers..just nature!

Poorna Natural Farm is an urban organic farm located in Coimbatore city. Originally we wanted to start a small garden for the family to get naturally grown vegetables and greens - but now we are working towards having a multi-vegetable garden serving the neighborhood families. We grow vegetables with great care so that the vegetables not only are pesticides and fertilizers free but also they taste good and are rich in nutrition.

We started this site to keep a repository of information on natural foods, as we learn from various sources. We also attempt to capture our experience and thoughts on starting an urban organic farm.

Quick background: From an agricultural family but education and career took me far away from it for a long time. However, trying to reconnect with my roots now.

Unlearning all the materialistic thinking/lifestyle gained over time and reconnecting with natural living is an interesting journey. A few can relate to this situation and find somethings useful in this chronicle.

Please share your comments. Thank you for spending your time here.