Reclaiming the Land


Wife's Initiative

My wife was a bit happy that she finally got me to agree to do something about the land. But my continued inaction didn't thrill her much. So she got into action herself. She arranged an engineering contractor, that her father was working with, to meet with me on one fine day. After this meeting things started moving along.

First we got a JCB to remove the thorny trees - which took three tough days of work. Some people came to take away bigger parts of the trees for firewood and burnt the rest of it in the land itself. Without the trees the land was accessible and the contractor was able to get in and assess the work. We had to replace few stone pillars that were broken and also get new fencing wire for most part. The contractor started work in couple of weeks and completed it in few days.

Now that the place is clean and the fence is looking good -  my dad was happy. We also were in a mood to entertain ideas on utilizing the land for something useful.

WP_20141213_001 After clean up and fence work - December 2014