Visiting farmers and meeting scientists

We have visited few farms and met few scientists to learn the best practices of organic farming as well as commercial vegetable farming.

I tried to learn as much as possible from these visits and meetings. Here are few things that were suggested for our initiative - some reinforced our earlier thinking and some helped us to expand our boundaries.

  • The farm should provide basic daily vegetable requirement for families that the farm targets

  • We need to produce what people want and not the other way

  • Consistency of supply is important- so staggered planting and crop rotation are key

  • Adopting precision farming techniques will help increase production - planting distance, population density, when and what nutrition supplement to provide, irrigation time and amount, etc.

  • To have a successful production, we need to choose the right variety for each vegetable - according to the soil and water conditions. We need to keep the preferences of people we serve as well in choosing the variety.

  • There are some latest hybrid varieties that provide best yield per area

  • For organic farming, preparing the land with essential supply of nutrition is required

  • Prepare for a one year of learning  - meaning no break-even for a year