First batch of greens - growing and selling

Based on what we learnt from others and what we observed during trial planting, we were hoping for harvest ready green in 25 days from planting. 

However, we got the greens ready for sales around 18 th day. So had to make quick announcement to interested people that greens are available for sale. 
1. We posted a hand made sign at the front gate

2. We created a whatsapp broadcast list to friends and neighbors 

We had enthusiastic buyers from the get go. For the first day we had only Mulai keerai. But the following days we we started selling siru keerai, arai keerai and thadu keerai as well. Both care taker and I were busy attending customers in the morning - not much other work we were able to get done. We freshly harvest the green of customer's choice - the shortest/freshest way to achieve farm to kitchen. We also explain to customers how we grow the greens. 

People who ate our keerai and gave back raving reviews on how good the keerai was. Here is one example I liked the most. One elderly person was describing to other customer (while waiting for his next purchase of keerai) how his son-in law preferred to eat the keerai than the non-veg meal they had prepared for him the previous day. This just confirmed what we experienced during trial planting - we have not tasted keerai like this before, since it was not available.

As a result, all 4 keerai were sold out in 7 days. 

Here is a picture story of the greens from sprouting to harvest ready...

Its always great to see the miracle of nature - sprout

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