Planting saplings - brinjal, tomato and chilli

We continued our work on the central pathway while planting and caring for greens. This involved heavy duty work of installing rain water draining pipes between east and western beds. Also we had to install a cement pipe to protect the gate valves that control drip irrigation.

19 April was the day we wanted to plant all the saplings:
- brinjal (we used seeds from TNAU to create our own saplings)
- tomato (bought from a nursery -variety Shivam)
- chilli (bought from a nursery - variery Bullet)
- papaya (bought from a nursery - variery Red Lady)

We used the same bio fertilizer mix as we used for the greens.

To make the planting follow a straight line, we tied guiding rope on both ends.

Bio fertilizer mix for each plant

Brinjal plants

Tomato plants - they were so small

Papaya plants

Papaya plants

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