Vedic Agriculture Class

You might have heard about Bio Dynamic Farming. There is a calendar, Bio Dynamic Calendar associated with type of farming - a calendar based on phase of moon and constellation. The calendar suggests best times to do various farming activities.

In India, such calendars are called panchangam (பஞ்சாங்கம்). This panchangam is now used for locating an auspicious time to perform every activity except farming. But I came to know through our spiritual guru Swami Omkar that original purpose of panchangam created during vedic period was to help with farming.

You can read Swami Omkar's brief writing on this topic here. He publishes a vedic agri calandar that people can benefit from. This calender is available here:

தமிழ் வேளாண் பஞ்சாங்கம் 

English Vedic Biodynamic Panchang 

The general idea is that, the cosmic energy on certain days makes it more effective for certain agri activities such as planting, weeding, preparing natural fertilizers, etc. These days are identified using vedic astrology which is based on the study of planets, moon and stars.

There is lot more in vedic agriculture than just following the vedic calendar. But we wanted to start following the panchangam in planning our farming activities first. Slowly we would like to incorporate many other vedic agricultural practices.

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