Vegetable Planting Plan

The big questions from the beginning were

  • what to plant, 
  • when to plant
  • how much to plant in each vegetable and 
  • where to plant- location within the farm

Though lots of farmers and some agri professors have expertise in growing single or few crops, very few farmers have commercial multi-crop vegetable garden experience. So uncle wanted us to seek expert help on planning this as well as we could even for the first crop cycle. 

This is not our farm - but a picture of a well planned one

Every chance we get to meet with a vegetable farming expert, we sought their insights on planning. We were hoping that one of them will give us a master plan for the farm such that
  • space is utilized as efficiently as possible
  • how much to plant each season is specified
  • timing of planting/staggered planting and harvesting is covered
  • crop rotation is considered
However, we were only gathering one piece of information only from each meeting. So, we decided to piece together all the information we had and also sought out missing pieces from experts. Now we have a master plan of such.

We divided the field in several ways to manage in a better way. First the central pathway divides the land in half - east and west. In the each half, we had 83 beds running. Each bed is 80 feet long. Here are the steps we considered in coming up with the plan
  • first decided how many families we wanted to serve
  • then based on average weekly consumption of various vegetables, we computed total requirement per week. We collected and verified the weekly consumption data within a small sample size - friends, family and acquaintances 
  • based on expert data on the number of plants needed for per kg of production and spacing required for each type, we computed the number of plants to be planted in each type of vegetable.
  • these numbers seldom fit the bed size perfectly - so we had to make adjustments
Though it is not perfect, we have a plan now - that has some thought went in to it. 

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