Before planting - Cow manure

Now that we have
- prepared the land
- got the infrastructure to irrigate the land
- grown green manure - sun hemp
- have run trial planting of few greens and veggies

We are ready for next steps:
- cow manure for the land - need to find a vendor for this
- biochar - soil amendment - uncle already knows a vendor
- build raised bed
- lay drip irrigation system
and then finally start planting!

Even while the sun hemp was growing, we started to discuss within our circle to locate a vendor for quality cow manure, 2 truck loads. Got few leads but wasn't happy. Heard about couple of kosala around Coimbatore to try. A friend got us in touch with one - Velliangiri Kosala near Narasipuram. Uncle and I visited the place one evening.

My first reaction was - somebody has to be extremely dedicated in the welfare of cows to undertake such a big operation. There were more than 1000 cows and buffaloes in the kosala. The impressive thing was the area where they had 250+ jallikattu bulls - only 4 people take care of that area. The place was so clean and easy to walk around.

So when the time for manure has come, we ordered two loads from this kosala. Its a bit expensive than other places - but we wanted to contribute in however small way possible to this undertaking. Two loads of wet cow dunk was delivered to our farm promptly. The manager was such a nice guy too.

Our kids pitched in as was fun to have the boys around. They were cracking jokes and making the work seem like play :)

Along with some hired help, we all pitched in to spread the manure around. It took few days as the weather was hot and also the manure was heavy (wet).

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